Rob Mitchell Car Valeting Services

They do say that what's good for the goose is good for the gander - the same applies when it comes to your car and caravan. A super clean is good for your caravan, making it look it's best and so it for your car as well. At Rob Mitchell Car Valeting Services we'll brighten up your car with a professional car valet. 

We offer mini valets and a full valeting service.

We use the same sort of professional cleaning products that are used on the caravans.These are the right products and methods ensuring your car is not only 'shiny new', but also the paintwork doesn't get damaged.

Doing your own car wash is time consuming and the automatic machines can never to do the same standard of cleaning and as you may well know they always seem to miss bits.

Gives us a call for a no obligation onsite quote.

Our charges are £20 mini valet; £40/£50 full