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Brean Caravan Cleaning Services which has been in operation since 2012 is the trading name of the caravan cleaning division of WMWCS. We offer a mobile service specially equipped to meet the demands of the leisure vehicle industry.

Brean Caravan Cleaning does mobile caravan cleaning and leisure vehicle pre-season preparation, as well as season-long bodywork cleaning. In addition we also clean static caravans, villas and decking.

We are based at Diamond Farm in Brean where we have been since 2012 and visit all the surrounding area including all the caravan sites. We have a close relationship with a number of the larger caravan parks and are regularly asked to carry out cleaning on their re-sale vans. As well as this we also clean caravans and mobile homes in the West Midlands.

We are specialist caravan cleaners with years of experience

With our experience of using the Reach and Wash pole cleaning system we can reach the whole of your caravan to ensure it is really clean. We used specialist cleaning products we have tried and tested after years of experience in the business.

Don't risk damaging your van climbing on the roof and don't risk hurting yourself either. We know of some our customers have fallen off a ladder or van whilst trying to clean it. At our very reasonable prices it just isn't worth the risk.

We make an average charge of £50-60 for a single wheel van, £55-65 for a double wheel to clean the outside of the typical caravan. The exact price quoted depends on the state and size of the caravan, particularly the roof. Additionally we clean static caravan for an average charge of £60. For a Bailey Retreat it works out at around £70/£80.

We also offer a service where we apply a spray wax seal to your van which will help protect the surface. This is at an extra cost of £7.50 for a single wheel van and £10.00 for double wheel and statics. Customers should note we do not polish vans. Detailing and polishing is a very time consuming process. It can easily take more than twice the time taken to clean a van. What we would have to charge would make the cost prohibitive and in any case we have so many customers who want a clean, we do not have the time.

We can categorically say Brean Caravan Cleaning has cleaned hundreds of vans and never had a complaint. If by any chance you were to have a problem we would always come back free of charge. Rob Mitchell is well know amongst the caravan community in Brean and the BSC Brean Seasonal Caravaners' Facebook group.

Give us a call on 07932740295 
We are sure you'll not regret it.