General Window Cleaning

West Midlands Window Cleaning Services cleaning a front doorPrices for window cleaning vary greatly and depend on a number of factors.

Prices given here are only a guide but it is always useful to have a rough idea about costs.

Sometimes customers have not had their windows cleaned for quite a while. Clearly the worse the state of the windows, the longer it takes to get them to a proper standard and so the price is higher.

As a rough guide it costs about 50% more for a first clean, unless windows have been regularly cleaned before.

Should we have to travel out of area there is an additional charge.

Where access is difficult, it can take longer to clean widows. With the Reach and Wash system, what might have been a problem in the past is resolved but it is a factor that will be considered when a quote is given.

Leaded windows are more difficult to clean to a high standard. The lead traps dirt. Where the Reach and Wash system is being used for the first time, trapped detergents and dirt are released which need to be flushed away. Again this takes time and the problem may even take a second or third clean to fully resolve.

If windows are cleaned less often than the recommended 4 weekly period, the extra dirt that builds up does take longer to clean off and so the price will be slightly higher.

Wooden frames can be more expensive to deal with due to powder forming on the paintwork and flaky paintwork - this often is best dealt with by traditional cleaning methods. This again takes longer to carry out and hence is more expensive.

Conservatory Cleaning

Bring your conservatory back to life. A full clean includes all exterior uPVC. Window glass is cleaned inside and out.
Prices vary depending on the size of the conservatory and how dirty it is. This will effect the time it takes to do a thorough clean. Smaller conservatories start around £50 with larger ones in the region of £150. People will think you have had a new conservatory fitted with our VIP service.

Gutter Cleaning

For an average house gutter cleaning is £15 for the front and the same for the back of the house.

uPVC Restoration

Revitalise the look of your home by having your windows, doors, conservatories, porches, guttering, down pipes, fascia & soffits restored to that just fitted look. A full uPVC restoration is quite an extensive job and will take several hours to complete. Prices depends on the amount of uPVC and its condition. An accurate quote will be given on site. The prices below as only a guide.

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

Often difficult to reach for the average householder. A smaller house will cost around £35 for gutters, fascias and soffits to have a restorative clean. Prices for larger properties are in the region of £55. Down pipes are an extra £5 each.


Again prices depend on the size of the windows and their condition. If the window is especially dirty this will of course take longer to restore.

A uPVC restoration for windows is around £10 per window with large bay windows in the order of £20.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are made up of smaller component panels. We charge £4 per panel for the first 10 panels and then £3 per panel after that.

Driveway and Patio Cleaning

Our prices range from £60- 80 for small drives, £80 -150 for a medium drive, with large drives £150 upwards.

Garage Doors

An exterior clean of a single garage door will be in the region of £7 and a double £11.

Selling your home?

We can revitalise the look of your home adding real value. If you're planning on selling your home our service can aid in adding photo and roadside appeal. Particularly if your uPVC is in bad shape, this will revolutionalise the look of your property. We have had comments from the buyers of properties we have worked on, they thought new uPVC had been fitted by the previous owner when in fact they had receive the WMWCS treatment. read more.

Prices vary depending on the amount of uPVC and its condition. Ask us for a quote.

All prices are only a guide. A definitive quote will be given on site after inspection of the extent of the work needed.