What to look for in a window cleaner

looking for window cleanerWe often find new customers coming to us because they have had problems with their previous window cleaner.
Here is some advice and what to look for when choosing a window cleaner.

Reliability - Will the window cleaner turn up when they are supposed to?

Insurance - Does the window cleaner have adequate public liability and accident insurance?

Safety - Does the window cleaner take health and safety seriously?

Honesty - Can you trust your window cleaner to be around your property?

Professionalism - Does the window cleaner take the job seriously? 


This is the biggest complaint of customers. They take on a window cleaner and after a while he disappears or turns up when he likes. The weather does not make it easy to keep to a strict time table, sometimes it just is not possible to clean windows but at the same time disappearing for weeks on end is not acceptable. It shows no respect for customers leaving them wondering whether their window cleaner will turn up again. At West Midlands Window Cleaning Services we will turn up on your specific day, unless we have been beaten back by the weather. We are not 'Jack the Lad' who disappears when the fancy takes him. We are reliable and reliably good job. 


Many small time window cleaners do not carry adequate or even any insurance. This is all well and good until there is a problem. What makes matters worse is that many of them do not work using safe practices - so accidents are more likely to happen - double trouble and who needs that. We see them walking across customers' roofs or hanging off ladder like a stunt man.  If a window cleaner does not have public liability insurance, do not go near him. Think very seriously about changing to a window cleaner that does. Imagine if the window cleaner drops his heavy ladders or a pole on your car, denting the roof and smashing the windscreen. Make sure your window cleaner has insurance to cover all eventualities. West Midlands Window Cleaning Services carries £5 million public liability insurance.


Every year window cleaners are injured or even killed following falls. Working at height is dangerous. Since an EU Directive the use of ladders has been discouraged. In fact employers must consider whether there are alternatives to the use of ladders whenever possible. Responsible companies use alternatives and more often than not this involves the use of water fed poles using pure deionised water to clean the windows. These systems cost thousands of pounds but undoubtedly have saved falls as well as doing a good job at the same time. Look out for window cleaners using this technology - these are the companies who are more likely to be looking after their workers and if they are bothered about their workers isn't it more likely they will be bothered about their customers as well. See the Working at Height Regulations 2005 in the document section of the website (under FAQ'a).


Most window cleaners are hard working, honest people. Unfortunately there are some rouges out there. There are those who grab a pair of ladders and are content to earn just enough for their beer money. Common indications of this are shabby dress, dirty rags, refusal of payment by cheque and very low prices. You do not want someone in your home who is looking to pocket your possessions or thinking about coming back later when you are out. Always choose a window cleaner who takes his business seriously. West Midlands Window Cleaning Services uses marked vans and our window cleaners wear the company jackets. You may pay more for the service, but you will be sure that we are only there to wash your windows.


Professional window cleaning companies may cost a bit more but you are likely to have fewer problems with the service. Choose a window cleaner who has public liability insurance, a window cleaner who takes health and safety seriously and is reliable. The window cleaning industry has left behind it’s image of shady characters with dirty rags and a ladder tied to the roof rack of an old banger. Choose a professional window cleaner like West Midlands Window Cleaning Services.