Selling Your House?


Houses For Sale SignsIf you have decided to sell your home you will want the best price and the quickest sale possible. Your house will be one of many on the market at any given time. According to Hometrack, which provides an in-depth, up-to-date and independent survey of house prices and market trends in England & Wales, the average time taken to sell reached the highest level since the survey began in 2001. So you really need to present your property at its best to get the quickest sale with the best price. The evidence is that sellers who make that extra effort presenting their property usually achieve a fast sale and sometimes, a higher price.

With your home, first impressions do count. Most buyers make up their minds whether they like your house within the first 30 seconds of entering your home, so first impressions are the most important thing. The moment potential buyers approach the house they are assessing it and forming a quick opinion based on what they can see. If the house does not look appealing they may never step inside. The look of your house on the outside is what buyers think the inside will be like. A well maintained exterior suggests that the house is cared for and gives buyers the nice warm feeling they want from their next home. Your house has got to have ‘kerb appeal', if it is going to attract the buyers and sell quickly. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

WMWCS can help you sell your house in one of the most cost effective ways possible. Cleaning is the first step to preparing your home for sale and is an important part of ‘Home Staging’, which is preparing a property to sell to the broadest range of buyers possible.

House Doctor's Ann Maurice says the "Windows are the 'eyes' of the home". They are one of the first things buyers notice when they approach a house that is for sale. Make sure they're clean and sparkling both inside and out, As a very basic, have your windows washed inside and out. Clean windows add a sparkle to your rooms and sparkle sells homes. When you show your house, nothing sells it better than natural light.

The House Doctor also says cleaning is an absolute must, “Clean, then clean again.” So bearing in mind that first impressions count, have your uPVC looking whiter than white. Dirty discoloured fascias, doors and conservatories detract from the look of your house. When they are gleaming white, they really sell.

The appearance of your property can be boosted by having an all round clean. It really will pay dividends when it comes to selling.

So can you afford not to give WMWCS a call? All the fancy kitchen units in the world will not help if your potential buyers don’t even step in the door or their last impressions, as they look back, are of a grubby exterior.