Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning

West Midlands Window Cleaning Services can clean your Solar Panels & improve their performance by up to 15%.

Its no surprise that over time your investment can gather all kinds of dirt and grime. We have the equipment to reach difficult areas, and in most cases your panels can be cleaned from ground level. No more harsh chemicals or soaps, which will leave residue and hold on to dirt from the moment it's cleaned. We use a Pure Water System which results in no residue, just super clean panels.

Solar panel cleaning is extremely important to achieve maximum output of a solar electric system.The financial impact of a clean solar panel is immediate. More electricity produced by the solar panels means less pounds billed by the utility company and a direct savings to the owner. During the summer, when solar systems generate the most power, cleaning and maintenance is especially important.

We clean both residential and commercial customers alike. Since the life expectancy of solar panels is 30 years, regular cleaning is imperative, especially if they are exposed to dusty conditions. Additionally the panels may be target of bird droppings which will severely reduce their generating. We use environmentally friendly pure water reach and wash cleaning system, which ensures great cleaning results to help your solar panels run more efficientaly.

Prices for up to10 componet panels is £4 per panel.

Then £3 per panel after that.