Dirty Conservatory?

Have it cleaned the professional way.  Even though modern conservatories are made from low maintenance materials, some maintenance is still needed to keep it looking as good as the day they were built. WMWCS ensure that algal build up on your conservatory roofing and gutters is kept under control, avoiding those unsightly green stains and loss of light inside, which if left untreated can become increasingly difficult to remove.

At WMWCS, we use specially designed brushes on poles on all the panels which do not scratch your conservatory. Specialist cleaning materials imported from America ensure the framework and guttering of your conservatory are thoroughly cleaned, removing traces of discoloration, moss and algae to achieve the maximum effect so that your conservatory can be left looking like brand new. No abrasive cleaning products are used which might damage your conservatory.

What does the full treatment involve?

● Remove debris from gutters (to avoid potential blockages).
● Wash gutters inside and out.
● Wash all external plastic, glass and polycarbonate.
● Public liability insurance for £5,000,000.
● Free quotations without any obligation.
● Our services include careful removal of pots, plants and garden furniture at no extra cost.

WMWCS is fully insured and we give warranties on all products and services.

Your conservatory is an extra room in your house - a haven of light and peace. It could look as good as the day it was when you had it fitted. Let WMWCS give it their special treatment and bring it back to life.

Conservatory Cleaning

  • Dirty conservatory needing a througher clean
  • See the difference after the WMWCS treatment
  • Conservatory covered in dirt and green algae
  • After cleaning the sunlight comes streaming through
  • Conservatory looking its best
  • Cleaning underway with waterpole