We are often being asked questions about the service we provide.

Here are some of the questions we get

If you can think of anymore we will happily try to answer them.

How often do you clean?

You can have your windows cleaned at any frequency you wish. We have found that cleaning windows approximately every month maintains them at their best. Should you wish to have them cleaned less frequently there will be a slightly higher charge – because they are dirtier they take longer to clean.

What will it cost me?

Every house or premises is different. You can ask us for a ‘quick quote’ over the internet (see quote section on the main menu of the site). This will give you an idea on price. Without seeing your property it is difficult to be certain but you will have a ball park figure to work with. Larger and commercial jobs are best negotiated during a site visit
For a rough guide follow the link.

In addition we provide a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you are unhappy with a clean we will return and do the job again for free, medical as long as it is not due to circumstances beyond our control or access problems.

How do we pay you?

Most customers pay with cash. We do take cheques. Should you be out when we clean your windows we will leave you a slip with the price on it and the evening we will come to collect. If this evening is inconvenient we ask you to contact us with another time. You can either contact us through the website or give us a call/text.

Can you clean at specified times?

We will do our best to accommodate when possible. Please remember that to keep our prices down we must clean in the most logical and economical route. If we do not manage to get to you it is usually do to the weather being against us. Because of this we may be cleaning during any daylight hours, store 7 days a week to ensure all customers are visited.

Can you clean in any weather?

We can clean in all conditions except torrential rain and very high winds. The rain has little effect on the cleaning and all dirt is still removed. It might rain as soon as we have left but your windows and frames will still be clean. Any pure water left on your windows will actually dilute the rain water and stop it leaving marks. In previous years in industrial areas like the West Midlands, when the air was full of smoke and dust, the rain may well have resulted in dirty windows. Since the Clean Air Act however this no longer the case – but the ‘old wives tale’ lives on. Now most of the problem comes from those cleaning the windows not wanting to get wet themselves. America it is usual for window cleaners to work in the rain. For a fuller explanation follow the link

Even in the winter we can clean. Cleaning after snow is always important as snow attracts dirt especially to sills and frames.

How do you gain access to the rear of my home?

We will discuss this on an individual basis when we take on a job. It is not always necessary for you to be in if we have permission to access the rear of the premises. If you are not in we leave a note in anycase to tell you we have been and what we have done.

Hard to reach windows?

Loft conversions, windows above conservatories and three story houses all present problems for the traditional window cleaner. Using the Reach and Wash system we can reach these windows without the need for ladders using extendable carbon fibre pole. We can clean your windows without the risk of damage to gutters and roofs from leaning ladders.

Can you clean conservatories as well?

Yes, we specialise in this. Conservatory cleans are often included in customers’ regular cleans. We also clean conservatories on a one off basis which we are happy to quote for separately. We can any and all your exterior uPVC. Ask us for a quote.

Why do you leave my windows wet after cleaning, the previous window cleaner always dried them?

Our advanced cleaning system uses only pure water. The water is de-inonised and carries no static charge. This means it does not stick to the glass like normal water and simply runs off. There is no need to dry the windows off as the water remaining will dry without leaving detergent marks. Because we do not need to wipe windows down we can clean your windows slightly quicker and so quote a better price.

There seems to be a lot of water used. Will the cleaning solution damage my garden and property?

The Reach and Wash system only uses pure water. There are no chemicals and it is 100% environmentally safe.

Do you need water or electricity from my home?

No we do not. Our vehicles are completely self contained and provide all the pure water and power required to do the job at your home.

What happens if I move?

We will be pleased to continue cleaning the windows at your new home if you remain in our area. If we do not cover the area you have moved to we will be sad to see you go and hope your new window cleaner is able to provide you with a service as good as you have become used to.

Can I cancel my cleaning contract?

Yes you can. We ask you to give us at least 48 hours notice.You can either contact us using the Contact Us on the website or give us a call.

Useful Documents and Information

We have a number of useful documents downable from the website. Follow the link